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What are the websites you supported?

Fully supported: 

YouTube, DialyMotion, MegaVideo, MetaCafe, Break, Blip, 5Min, eHow Video, Wimp, ClipCast, FlipClip, eyeVio, PeeVee.TV, Mina-Kuru, WatchMe.tv, Stickam, jimaku.in,


Supported with some limitations:

Google Videos: Some videos are links to websites we don't support.

Yahoo Videos: Some videos are using RTMP protocol; currently we can't download those videos.

Veoh Videos: Some videos are redirected from other websites, we can't download those videos.

Nico Videos: Videos encoded with Nico Movie Maker can't be downloaded.


Why can’t I find the green button  on Internet Explorer tool bar after installation?

Right click Internet Explorer tool bar area and select 'Customize' -- 'Add or Remove Commands...'. In the pop up dialog, move the green icon   with 'Download with Video Snapper' up, so it will appear on your Internet Explorer toolbar.


Why can’t I find the green button  on Firefox tool bar after installation?

Right click Firefox tool bar area and select 'Customize..'. In the pop up dialog, drag the green icon   with 'Download with Video Snapper' and drop it to Firefox tool bar.


Why can't I find Video Snapper on Windows taskbar?

When Video Snapper is minimized, it has been added to the Windows tray.


How to download YouTube videos in HD format?

Open configuration dialog, in the "Download YouTube video in:" drop down box, you can select the desired quality you want to download from YouTube. Please note the higher quality you set, the longer it takes to download the video. If you are iPod/iPhone/PSP/Blackberry user, we suggest selecting "480p". If you are iPad user, we suggest selecting "720p".


I have set downloading YouTube videos in 1080p, why I only get 480p videos sometimes?

The video you select to download doesn't contain video source in 1080p on YouTube website. In this case Video Snapper will download the video in next available quality.


Can Video Snapper play downloaded videos in full screen?

Yes. Right click on any video and select "Play in a new window", a new window will popup. Click the maximize button of the window to play it in full, press "Esc" on keyboard to exit full screen mode.


My iPod plays music (mp3) only. Can Video Snapper extract only music from videos?

Yes. Open configuration dialog, in the "Convert video to:" drop down box, select "mp3" as output format. The converted files can be played by any mp3 player.


How can I convert videos for my BlackBerry?

First you need to open the configuration dialog and select the "convert video to:" type to match your BlackBerry type.


If your BlackBerry has a SD card inside, when you connect your BlackBerry to computer, the SD card will show as a new drive just like when you plug in an USB drive. In that drive, it has a folder called "BlackBerry", under this folder it has a "Videos" folder. Simply use the "copy to..." button on our application to copy converted file to this folder. On BlackBerry, start media player, the video will be shown automatically on the video list.


Can Video Snapper convert my DVD for playing on iPod/iPhone/iPad?

No. Video Snapper doesn't support converting DVD.


Can Video Snapper convert my home made videos for playing on iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Yes. For most of the home videos made by camcorder, you can use Video Snapper to convert them to iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible format.

Tips: Before conversion, please rename your original file name extension to "avi" if it ends with "mp4".


Why is the "Auto convert and upload to iTunes when download is complete" disabled?

This usually indicates that iTunes hasn't been installed on your computer. You will need to install it first.


Why do I get "Server busy" dialog box?

Video Snapper is trying to connect iTunes. Please wait one minute, and then click “Retry”. In most case, it will work.  In case the problem is still, it implies that iTunes may not be running properly. You can try to start iTunes manually. If it still cannot be started, You can terminate iTunes.exe or iPodService.exe process from Task manager and try it again.


Why my videos is not shown on my iPod/iPhone/iPad when I connect it to my computer?

First, make sure your videos appears in iTunes, then connect your device to your computer, if you have set auto sync in iTunes for the device , iTunes will automatically sync videos to your device. If you haven't set the auto-sync in iTunes, click the " Sync" button in iTunes to manually sync your videos to your device.


Why do I see different top videos in Firefox than auto downloaded videos?

Video Snapper’s auto download list is consistent with that in IE.


How can I let Video Snapper start automatically when my system starts?

You will need to start Video Snapper if it is not running. Right click on the tray icon and select Auto Start and You can stop the auto start by repeating the same steps.


How can I download videos which requires confirming my age to watch them online.

Open configuration dialog and input your YouTube username, password and save your settings. The program then will be able to download those videos. Please note currently the program does not support log in to YouTube using a Google account, you must have a YouTube account to use this feature.


What is the limitation of the trial version?

The trial version limits 30 downloads per day and will expire after 3 days from the first time running it.


Supported OS:

Windows 8/7/Vista/XP



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